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Photo/Illustration Competition

All IFAAP participants, especially students and post-docs, are encouraged to join the Photo/Illustration Competition. Please read the following information before applying:
1) Applicant must be a participant of IFAAP having its own account,
2) Applicant can be an individual or a representative of a team,
3) One photo/illustration is acceptable for one account,
4) An image file (jpg) of work including title should be submitted to this webpage,
5) Applied works are evaluated based on 'a sense of humor' rather than scientific importance,
6) Besides the photo/illustration, the title and description are important materials for evaluation,
7) Winners will be determined by voting committee members of IFAAP and other societies, and
8) Winners will be invited to the banquet party and awarded with a reward.
The submission of works has been closed.

Let's see Works Exhibition!!

Please log-in the system before submitting photo/illustration for competition.

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Winners in ISAF 2016 and 2017

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Silver Prize Work of ISAF 2016.
Gold Prize Work of ISAF 2017.
Silver Prize Work of ISAF 2017.
About Student Photo Competition at ISAF 2017
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